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MTRTech Wikia is a collection of home-grown projects. This is just getting started. For now, the site is basically a collection of tutorials for how to do basic operations on the Raspberry Pi. The tutorials are targeted at noobs (beginners) with no Linux or electronics experience. Tutorials will guide readers through basic operations, such as how to permanently "mount" a USB drive to the Pi, to more exciting tutorials, like how to control your Pi over Android from anywhere in the world! Questions, comments, and forums are definitely encouraged!

Raspberry Pi Basics

Raspberry Pi Software Configuration Tool (raspi-config)
Setup Wireless Network Access on Rapsberry Pi
Setup VNC Server for Remote Access (Headless)
Connect to Raspberry Pi Using SSH (like PuTTY)
Browse/Edit Files on Raspberry Pi Using SFTP (Filezilla)
Browsing/Controlling Raspberry Pi Over Internet
Permanently Mount External USB Hard Drive
Permanently Mount Network Drive with Samba
Connect UART (Serial) Device to Raspberry Pi GPIO
Setup Directory Mirroring Over Network
Setup a Static IP Address
Common Linux Commands

Moteino/Raspberry Pi Home Security System

Wireless Accelerometer Intrusion Detection Nodes
Raspberry Pi Streaming Home Security Camera

Renesas RX63N

Getting Started with YRDKRX63N Demonstration Kit
Very Simple LED Program



Raspberry Pi 2 Model B v1 1 top new (bg cut out)

Raspberry Pi 2

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